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What's New in 3.0

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BatchSync/InstantSync 3.0 New Features

The following shows a list of the new features, fixes, and changes that are included in the new 3.0 release.

Main User Interface

  • Click here to view screen shot
  • New main window now contains two panes: Sync Tasks and History.
  • " Sync tasks pane lists all sync tasks available, and user can now select the display icon for each sync task, making it easier to manage a large number of sync tasks. In this view, you can create new sync tasks, and edit, run, and manage sync tasks.
  • History pane shows a history of all sync runs performed on the system, with information like date, number of files transferred, errors, average transfer speed, time taken, etc.
  • You can group the history display by date, task name, etc. to make it easier to see what has happened and how tasks have been performed. You can also sort the history using any column.
  • You can click any history item to view a full log of the transfer details, like statistics, files transferred, folders created, files deleted, etc.
  • New modern look for all dialog boxes utilizing Windows 7 and Vista looks.

Sync Window

  • Click here to view screen shot
  • We have made significant changes to the Sync Window to make running sync tasks more intuitive and user friendly, like:
  • New progress pane shown during the sync. Contains info like number of files and folders processed, current transfer speed in KB/sec, progress display in form of percentage numbers and graphical bar display, and progress now contains intrafile progress based on kilobytes of data transferred.
  • Threads pane includes percentage of completion for each file being transferred, like 25% - 100 KB of 400 KB.
  • Optional system notifications (in system tray area) shown when preview/sync run completes and displays its status.
  • Minimize sync window, also main window is minimized.
  • More info in the scrolling log window to keep user better informed about what is currently going on.
  • User can resize each user element separately.
  • User selectable tree view file listing columns.

Task Wizard

  • Click here to view screen shots
  • Task wizard makes it easier to create new sync tasks.
  • Prompts for needed connection details, makes a connection to the server, and shows a list of folders available on the server as sync source and target folders. So you no longer need to manually enter those source/target folders.

Two-way sync propagated deletions

  • Option to create true bi-directional syncs. When enabled, the software tracks deletions on both sides, and repeats the deletion made on one side on the other side.

Transfer speed limiter

  • Transfer speed limiter allows you to control the maximum amount of the bandwidth that each sync task can use, and helps you balance the bandwidth usage on a busy production server.

UTF-8 Foreign language character support

  • UTF-8 Support. This feature adds support for many European language foreign characters (like ßåäöØæ) in file and folder names.

Other Transfer Engine Features

  • Set uploaded file date with MTDM/MFMT after uploading. Also, sets uploaded file date with SFTP protocol commands.
  • Transfer speed improvements. On fast networks, you will get up to 100% faster transfer speed. This saves lots of time on large sync file sets containing multi-gigabyte transfers.
  • Option to set compression level for each sync task. Setting is 1-9 and it is possible to turn compression off.
  • New option: Max number of errors per task-limit.
  • Transfer Engine alone includes over 200 changes, improvements and bug fixes.

Date variables in folder names and filtering

  • Create backup sync tasks easily. The following date variables that can be used in the source and target folders names:

    • %YEAR - Evaluates to current year, like 2010
    • %MONTH - Evaluates to current month, like 06
    • %DAY - Evaluates to current day, like 31
    • %TODAY[yymmdd] - Evaluates to current date with formatting
    • %PREV_BUSDAY[yymmdd] - Evaluates to previous business day
    • %BUSDAY[yymmdd] - Evaluates to current business day
    • %NEXT_BUSDAY[yymmdd] - Evaluates to next business day

  • For example, create a backup sync task, where target folder:

    • C:\Backup\%TODAY[yyyy-mm-dd]

      is evaluated at run time to the folder name:

    • C:\Backup\2010-06-15

      and this folder is automatically created on each run if it does not already exist.

  • You can use multiple variables in the folder name, like "C:\Backup\Year %YEAR\Month %MONTH" would evaluate to "C:\Backup\Year 2010\Month 06" at run time.
  • " You can also use date variables in filters. This makes it possible, for example, to create an Include Filename Filter: *. %TODAY[yyyymmdd], which would include only filenames containing the current date *.20100615 as an extension.

Email notifications (BatchSync only)

  • User editable email subject lines, and the possibility of using variables in the subject line. For example:


      results in email subject line like this:

    • Sync OK: DownloadLogFiles.stf - 512 files transferred

  • Option to include the list of files transferred in the email message.
  • Option to send email only if one or more files were transferred.


Command-line SYNC.EXE tool (BatchSync only)

  • New command line options /V and /V2 to display extra info during the command line sync run, and shows statistics at the end of the sync.
  • Reduced memory usage on large sync sets.
  • Fixes issue with SYNC.EXE stalling in case of certain error conditions, preventing task scheduler launching next instance at all, or leaving multiple SYNC.EXE instances running.

Improvements on server compatibility

  • Improved compatibility with FileZilla server.
  • Improved compatibility with WS_FTP server.
  • Improved compatibility with Serv-U server.
  • Improved compatibility with GlobalScape server.
  • Improved compatibility with linux proftpd and pureftpd servers.
  • Improved compatibility with OpenSSH server installed by default on many linux distros.
  • Improved compatibility with freeSSHD server.
  • Improved compatibility with Tumbleweed server.
  • Improved compatibility with WinSSHD server.
  • Improved compatibility with servers running on AS/400, IBM iSeries, Novell, GXS, Tandem, etc.

Windows 7 and Vista compatibility and security

  • Full support for Windows 7, Vista, and Server 2008 R2.
  • Full support for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.
  • Software is wrapped with new digital certificate.
  • Software now contains a protective armor shell around the program that protects the software code from being altered by virus/trojan/malware infection.
  • Fixes the many issues on program startup, as well as access violations on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 systems, both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions.


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